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Nonprofit Consulting

I help nonprofits and solopreneurs create a podcast that tells their story, helps them spread their message and generates new income.

1:1 Mentoring

Need a guide to help you launch your podcast? Let me bridge that 2mm gap between what you already know and getting your podcast on the air.

Group Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your podcasting goals so you can get your show published.

Monthly MeetUp

Sometimes you just want to connect with other podcasters. Join our monthly meet up where you can see what others are doing in podcasting.

Office Hours

Get your questions answered in a timely manner during my office hours. Subscribe to get notified.

Podcast Guesting/Public Speaking

I'm available to be a guest on your podcast or to speak to your group or organization.

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Take a quick test to get "bird-eye" view on different aspects of your life and see what areas of your life needs an improvement. It's totally free.


  • Weekly online
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great if you already have the knowledge but just need ongoing support
  • Office Hours for additional support


  • Online coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great for solopreneurs looking to get more clients
  • Phone/Text Support


  • Virtual coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great for nonprofit or community organizations looking to expand their reach and gain additional sources of funding
  • Phone/Text Support

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Your Podcast Now

Introduction It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. Podcasts have been around for a long time but their popularity seems to have exploded in the past few years. If you have been considering starting one of your own, this guide is meant to give you the reasons as to why you should start …

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Master Your Podcast Guest Appointments in 5 Easy Steps

Introduction I had the pleasure of interviewing Dustin Miller, Polyinnovator last week. We talked about ways podcasters can use various tools to enhance their craft.  I will write more about the interview in my next blog post. But in this post, I wanted to write about how to master your guest interview appointments, due to …

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Not Sure Where to Start?

I'd love to share my experience to help you create a plan of action so you can start your podcast from scratch to reach your goals.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Must listen if you are looking to start or grow your podcast.

The Power of Podcast Awards w/Vinnie Potestivo

Vinnie Potestivo reveals the secrets to becoming a successful podcaster, including winning awards, building celebrity brands, and creating red carpet moments. Are you looking to start and grow a successful podcast? Content creation can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re feeling the pain of not being able to get your …


How to Access Your Retirement Funds Now Without Penalty w/Daniel Blue

Daniel Blue overcame drug addiction to become a successful entrepreneur. He’s the owner of Quest Education. Daniel is also the host of How Winners Win podcast. Through his business, Daniel shows individuals how to use money from their retirement funds — tax and penalty-free — to fund a business or pay off debt. If you …


Reward Listener Loyalty While Earning Revenue w/Jason Sew Hoy

What if 5% of your listeners paid you each month for exclusive content? Would that make a difference to the quality of your podcast and make podcasting more financially rewarding for you? Jason Sew Hoy is the CEO of Supercast, a podcast subscription-based platform. He explains how the subscription-based model can help you as a …

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