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Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Your Podcast Now


Why should you start your podcast now?

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. Podcasts have been around for a long time but their popularity seems to have exploded in the past few years. If you have been considering starting one of your own, this guide is meant to give you the reasons as to why you should start a podcast as well as some useful tips on getting started.

Whatever your reason is for starting a podcast, you should start it now!

Why a podcast?

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity and this is set to continue as mobile devices become more popular.  According to Podcasting Insights podcast usage due to mobile phone ownership has increased 157% since 2014.

But you’re on the fence about starting your own podcast. Maybe you’re not sure what to say. Or maybe you don’t know if you want to put in all the work necessary to start and grow a podcast. If that’s not what you’re thinking, here are some top reasons why starting your podcast can be a life-changing decision. 

But with almost 2 million podcasts, most of which don’t publish beyond seven episodes, why would you want to start a podcast?

Here are my top five reasons why:

Your audience is waiting to hear your message

Podcasting is fast becoming one of the best ways to get your message out. 

It’s a great way to get your message out there while practicing your speaking skills.

Whatever your passion or purpose, a podcast could be an ideal way to “uncover what is unique about you that you can share with your audience”.  

I recently interviewed Jonathan Milligan, author of Your Message Matters.  He talks about ways to uncover your message and passion and how to monetize that message. 

“No matter who you are, you have a gift that you need to share with others”. Jonathan Milligan

Hosting a podcast is an opportunity to share your unique knowledge or opinion, serve your community, or just meet new people!

Maybe you just want to let off steam or talk about a topic that’s important to you like a favorite television show or book.

I’m not gonna lie, starting a podcast was one of the scariest things I ever did.  Talking about yourself so the whole world can see my vulnerability and interviewing strangers is scary.  But after interviewing dozens of guests from around the world, I can say with certainty, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Podcasts are a great way to get your voice heard.  So don’t be afraid to jump right in and let your light shine.

A podcast is a fantastic way to start a side hustle

When I first started my podcast I talked to a coach who told me I needed to monetize my podcast.  I told him I didn’t want to because that’s not why I’m doing it.  That was not a wise move on my part. 

Case in point, last summer I traveled across the United States and Canada mostly via Amtrak.  Even though I had several interviews waiting to be published, I missed five weeks of getting my show out because I wasn’t able to edit the episodes. And because I wasn’t making any money from podcasting I couldn’t pay an editor to edit my shows. 

From sponsorships, to advertising, to private memberships, podcasts can be a great side hustle where you make money while getting your message out and serving your audience.

So it’s alright to want to make podcasting a business model.  Because it is a business.  And it’s a great side hustle that could become your full time career.

Grab 8 Ways to Make Money With Your Podcast course.

Podcasting is a great business tool to build your brand and reach more customers

Podcasting is a great way to promote and grow your business.

According to Podcasting Insights, podcasting is a 2 billion dollar a year business.  That means you can use podcasting as a leverage to create additional income

If you have a business but you want to reach more customers.  Or you just want to reach your customers where they are, podcast is a great way to leverage new and existing audience to get more customers and increase sales.

For example, if you are a healthcare professional, you can use podcasting to broaden your audience.  You could provide people with tips and strategies to become healthier.  

Or if you are mechanic, you can talk about vehicle maintenance to an audience of working solo moms who may have limited resources to always go to a mechanic.  At the very least they would know the right questions to ask.  A podcast like this would probably help reduce them getting ripped off by an unscrupulous mechanic.  

These are just two examples. But there are so many business applications to podcasting.  So go for it. 

Podcasting is low-risk, high reward.  It could be fun too!

Podcasting is insanely cheap and easy to get started.  I think the hardest part is your mindset.  

But once you develop the right mindset – “I can do this”… 

You’ll start towards an exciting path where you decide what your show is about, it’s format, and how often you will publish.  Your podcast will be yours to control and run as you see fit.

You’ll build a following that’s engaged and looking for more info from you. And many of those fans will be ready and willing to buy the products and services you create from your podcast!

Even though you will want to level up as you go along, you can start a podcast with just your smartphone.  

It may not be the best from a technical point of view but it’s your show and you can start where you are and grow from there.  

Eventually you will have to pay for hosting but you can start for free with hosts such as Captivate.fm  or Buzzsprout.

Then you’re on your way.  

You can then promote your show in Facebook groups, reddit and other social media platforms.  If you are planning to interview guests on your show, Facebook groups are a great way to get guests.

You can also register for free to start, with sites like Matchmaker.fm and PodMatch.com  where you can find guests for your show. #findaguest

One other way to build your show and personal brand is to be a guest (#beaguest) on other podcast.  This way you can leverage the audience of other people’s podcast.

The only major consideration at this stage would be whether or not your show needs editing and whether you can do it yourself.  If you can edit the show yourself, then you can save your cash.  But if you can’t then you will need to hire someone to edit the episodes for you. 

You can create artwork for your show on a platform like Canva.  Or you can hire someone cheaply on Fiverr.com to do it for you.

Podcasting open new doors and expand your professional network

Podcasting has opened doors and given me access that I wouldn’t have dreamed possible otherwise.  It helps that I really enjoy the process. 

I’ve gained valuable experience through co-mentoring over the last two years.  I’m beginning to see value in learning more than just the basics of podcasting but also in helping others start their podcast.

I host the New West Podcasters Club which is a MeetUp where I answer questions from people who are curious about starting a podcast.  Some attendees have started a podcast but need to build confidence with the tools and strategies available to them.

Finally, through networks like PodPros, I’ve connected with other podcasters in a way that’s not possible on social media. 

Get plugged into a network or group of podcasters on Facebook or Reddit.  You’ll soon find that podcasting offers way more rewards than you previously thought.

Finally, join the New West Podcasters Club or schedule a free one-on-one consultation with me.   Sometimes a short conversation is all you need to bridge that 2mm gap between what you know and starting your show.


With more and more people starting podcasts every month it has become obvious to me that podcasting is here to stay. But as with any new venture. It takes dedication and commitment.

In addition, podcasting continues to grow in popularity.  It’s portable, easy to consume, and give your audience the flexibility to choose what they want to listen to.

It’s audio on demand.  No one sees this going away.  Even with the popularity of videos.  

If starting a podcast seems overwhelming, start by recording yourself and listening so you can get used to hearing your voice.  Then learn what you can about the trade.  

Courses such as PowerUp Podcasting by Pat Flynn can help you with a strong foundation in podcasting.  But if you are still confused and at a loss on how to start, I can mentor you through your first three episodes. Click to schedule a quick consult now.

Finally, listen to podcast like Tools of the Podcast Trade where you can learn from experts in the podcasting space.

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