From Drug Addict to Top Podcast Host & Coach w/TJ Bell

TJ Bell is the host of the top rated podcast Underground Reach and a podcast coach. But he wasn’t always living his best life.

TJ share his struggle with limiting beliefs and fight with drug and alchohol addiction.

This show is about podcasting. But a podcast is a way for us to overcome our deepest fears and to soar to heights we didn’t dream possible.

TJ’s story is about how one man found healing through podcasting. It’s one more way a podcast can help you to not only heal from your own trauma. But you can gain clarity of purpose so you can serve others.

Podcasting was the conduit that TJ used to define his purpose. To develop a schedule. To live with intention. Podcasting also helped TJ eliminate the excuses he made for not doing better in his life. Through podcasting he was able to change his story.

Some Takeaways:

03:53 – Do that thing that scares you the most

08:48 – TJ’s advice if you’re struggling

10:51 – Suggested starter podcast mic (Samsung QU2)

15:56 – Traits of a successful podcaster

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Bio: TJ is a recovering Alcoholic & Drug Addict who decided to finally turn his life around not just for himself, but for his wife and four amazing children. He is now a Top 200 Rated Podcast Host in the Entrepreneurship category as well as a Podcast Coach and is on a mission to help those that feel buried by self-doubt and limiting beliefs, have breakthroughs and win in life and in business.

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