How to Boost Your Productivity by Managing Stress w/Hayley Schiller

As podcasters we can get so caught up in the “wheel of perfection” that we stress ourselves out to the point of burnout. It’s no wonder most podcasters fail to produce more than 10 episodes.

Social worker and stress coach, Hayley Schiller shares her tips and strategies on how entrepreneurs including podcasters can manage stress while still providing value to their listeners.

Some takeaways:

04:34 – Why podcasters are especially vulnerable to stress

06:39 – Exercise/habits that can help to manage stress

09:06 – Addressing the symptoms of stress

Bio: Hayley Schiller is a social worker, stress coach, and the founder of Reaching Equilibrium, a stress management program for entrepreneurs and professionals in the workforce. She believes that stress is universal, and that with the right tools and strategies, becomes easy to manage. Hayley is also a wellness author and advocate.

Connect with Hayley and get more tips and strategies for managing stress: or on Instagram: @reaching_underscore_equilibrium_

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