How to Serve Your Audience w/Tyler Foley

Actor/Author, Tyler Foley has spent the past year appearing as a guest on about 250 podcasts.

He’s ranked as one of the best guests on PodMatch. He also trains others how to be a great podcast guest.

Tyler is knowledgeable, empathetic, and an entertaining guest who adds tremendous value to any podcast.

“...any time you have a captive audience, your first and foremost responsibility is to be of service to that audience.” ~ Tyler Foley

Some Takeaways:

03:26 Why storytelling is important

05:47 Whatever your platform your responsibility is to serve your audience

19:12 If someone ask you to speak, you are the expert. Find the courage to share your heart. What you’re afraid to say, your audience needs to hear.

22:00 Be you

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