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Master Your Podcast Guest Appointments in 5 Easy Steps


I had the pleasure of interviewing Dustin Miller, Polyinnovator last week. We talked about ways podcasters can use various tools to enhance their craft.  I will write more about the interview in my next blog post. But in this post, I wanted to write about how to master your guest interview appointments, due to what happened with Dustin the day he was scheduled for our interview.

One of the discussions we had centered around the process of interview appointments and calendar booking. The topic came about because Dustin and I were in different time zones about an hour apart.

I use the booking link through my host,

The appointment with Dustin showed 12:30P PDT on my calendar. Dustin’s calendar said 10:30 am MDT, and Captivate had it for 9:30a PDT. What confusion! 

Not really sure what caused the snafu. And it didn’t help that my computer which I purchased while in Atlanta is still in the EDT timezone. Which I prefer to keep except when these embarrassing situations happen.

But being the pro that he is, Dustin thankfully agreed to meet with me an hour after we discovered the problem. Phew!

Why am I writing about this?

Just imagine you spent months. Maybe years wooing your perfect guest. This guest is a busy CEO, influencer, or public figure. You finally get the call that they will sit down for an interview with you and the appointment is booked.

But when you are ready to start, to your horror, they didn’t show up. You feel dejected and worried your one chance to give your show a much-desired boost is gone. You were ghosted by your perfect guests. All that work down the drain.

But wait a minute!  

Browsing through your email you see a message from the person’s assistant:

 “_____ regrets that you were unable to make the interview as scheduled several weeks ago. We would have appreciated a heads up if you couldn’t make the appointment. Hopefully, all is well with you. But disappointed that my time was wasted on this effort”. Ouch!

While this scenario can be salvaged depending on your efforts and your guest’s generosity, you’re now under enormous pressure to perform and could completely botch the interview as a result. Or not.

So don’t let this happen to you. Here are my action steps to ensure both you and your guest show up at the same time for your interview.

Use a reliable calendar

Use a booking tool such as Calendly. It comes with a 14-day free trial.  But it’s free all the time for 15-minute appointments. But if you are using the free version be sure to inform your guest if the interview will last longer than 15 minutes. 

Better yet, make the investment and upgrade to the paid version. That will make you look more professional. And if the appointment is with a high-profile person you have been dying to interview, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade.

Use your host’s booking tool

If Captivate.fm is your podcast host, use their integrated booking tool to book guest appointments. Customize the tool to your time zone.  Block out your availability to make sure it’s convenient for guests to schedule appointments. 

Always double-check that the appointment time and date is the one you and your guest agreed on.

Confirm the appointment

Confirm the date and time with the guest and/or their representative.

One day before the interview, send a confirmation email expressing your appreciation for the guest agreeing to the interview.  Make sure to emphasize the date and time, expressed in the guest’s time zone.

Follow Up

If you don’t get a response that day, it may be a good idea to give the guest’s office a call if you think it’s appropriate to do so.

This way you don’t have to wonder if they still intend to show up.  Your guest may also appreciate the reminder.

Show up on time

It may be a good idea to show up for the interview before your guest. That way you can double-check your setup and review the interview details before you start.

If you handle the process well, you can relax and enjoy the moment as you interview your guest. 

How to use guest interviews to enhance your podcast. Where should I send your copy? Be sure to confirm your email to get your free download.


Interviewing guests on your podcast is an amazing way to meet new people and expand your network. But the onus is on you to be vigilant, especially if you don’t have an assistant who is taking care of the administrative stuff for you. 

And although preparation is the key to helping you pull off an epic interview, a smooth booking process is one way to present you and your show in a positive light.

Master the guest interview appointment process by practicing due diligence until it becomes second nature.

Even if you have an assistant it may be necessary to review the appointment the day before. Especially if that one interview is with your perfect guest. 

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