Podcast Guest Release: Don't interview without one

I wanted to do a follow-up episode to my interview with Eric Farber last week.

The episode resonated with me because I had two guests who refused to sign my guest release recently. So it was top of mind when I did the interview.

In this episode, I talk about the reasons you should use a guest release.

I also include resources where you can get guests so you do not feel pressured to interview a guest who refuses to sign your Guest Release.

Using a guest release is your decision and may not be necessary unless you want to make money from your podcast. And subsequently, protect your bundle of rights.

Be sure to check out Episode 15 with Eric Farber on why podcasters who interview guests need to use a Guest Release.

Attract guests to your show by creating a profile on MatchMaker.fm, PodMatch.com and/or Audry.io

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