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7 Avoidable Mistakes That Result in PodFade 


Podcasting is a fun way to get your message out, serve your clients, and fulfill your purpose. But just like anything else the work involved can be overwhelming.  Also, the burnout you experience doesn’t just affect you personally.  It affects your podcast and can result in Podfade.  Just like you, your podcast can fade away.

As the creator of three podcasts, I realize how easy it is to not only experience burnout physically and mentally but I also understand the high likelihood of my podcasts fading away.

Here are 7 mistakes I made that if you don’t repeat, you can not only avoid burnout but you can also escape the risk of Padfade.

Forgetting your why 

Why did you start your podcast?  Who is it for?  

If you wrote a podcast mission statement, you should have little trouble going back to your reason for starting your podcast.  

Remembering why you started in the first place will help you reconnect with your reason for doing so.  And if your purpose is connected to your show then remembering it could help to rejuvenate your interest.

Hopefully, this will be enough to light a fire under you so you can keep going.

For example, because I’m currently slow traveling I often run into problems settling down and getting my episodes published. But as I edited the latest episode for Tools of the Podcast Trade I felt alive.  Listening to the interview gave me endorphins.  It was amazing.  

By listening to the interview again, I remembered why I created the podcast. I was reminded that I had a job to do. A job I loved and cherished. And that someone was waiting to hear the next episode. 

Not posting consistently 

I’m guilty of this.  And while the reasons are admirable, not posting consistently will most likely create PodFade.  As one guest puts it… Imagine you have a favorite sitcom.  And you turn on the TV to watch the new episode.  Your’e excited because you anticipate what happens next. But when you switch to the channel there’s nothing or there’s something else in it’s place.  You check your watch. Recheck the channel but  still nothing.  

That’s what happens to your listeners when you do not post consistently. No matter how good your show is they will lose interest. Because who wants to be disappointed over and over again?

Lack of consistency in any area of your life can be the death nell to any project you may start. But when you have a podcast, not publishing regularly can send your show into oblivion.

Waiting for perfection

“Perfect is enemy done.”


Don’t wait for your recording to be perfect. Yes, you want to present a professional appearance but sometimes it is what it is and you have to keep going. The good thing about being an independent podcaster is that this is your show. And you can always go back and update it.

But don’t let your need for perfection hinder you from getting your message out to those who need it.

Neglecting to share your podcast

It might get tiresome to keep posting especially if it seems there’s no interest in your show. But don’t give up.  You never know when someone important will take notice.  

So post every time you publish. Especially on social media.  Platforms life PodPage can be customized to automatically publish your episodes to LinkedIn and Twitter.  

But social apps like Tailwind or Hootsuite can be used to schedule posts to social media.  Finally, you can use Canva which is great for helping to create audio and video clips for social media, to schedule and promote your show.

Keep posting.  Even if you just choose one platform.  Find out where on social your tribe/audience hangs out.  Many groups and pages specifically for posting podcast episodes exist on Facebook. Join one and post regularly.

People may not know about your show. And even if they do they may not remember to follow it.  So post regular clips and quotes to keep your show in front of your audience.

Refusing to get help

If running your show is too much work it may be time to get help from one or two sources to ensure you keep going and avoid PodFade.  For instance, you can pay someone on Link to Fiverr French Homepage“>Fiverr for editing and I think this may be the best option for me because I prefer to be involved in the production and marketing of my podcast. But I also have a VA that handles my social media marketing.  Finally, I use PodPage for my podcast blog so when I publish, the episode is also sent to Twitter and LinkedIn.

The key is not to try to do everything and get so overwhelmed that you give up. Especially if podcasting is a side gig for you and you have a full-time job.

Not taking podcast SEO seriously

Getting new listeners can be hard work. But it’s not always about getting new listeners.  If you’re providing a show that meets the needs of certain people then you want them to find you when they search for your topic/show.   

So while your primary reason my not be to get as many listeners as possible, you serve your audience when they can easily find your message.  Check out Brendon Leibowitz message on Podcast SEO below.

Skipping your story

People listen to your podcast because they want to hear what you have to say.  It’s not that they can’t get similar information elsewhere.  But your story is unique. How you present your message is different from anyone else.  That’s what they want to hear. So tell your story. Talk about your life as much as is comfortable for you. And sometimes even if you’re not. Give them what they want which is to connect with you.

Share yourself with them and you may also just maybe…give them what they need.

“Telling your story using a podcast as your stage helps you consistently place your brand or business in front of an audience.”

~ Graham Brown


Podcasting is an amazing way to reach your audience and get new customers. But as an independent podcaster, producing a podcast can get overwhelming and lead to burnout. Most of all it can lead to Podfade.

The above tips should help you see your podcast from a different perspective. Hopefully, it will help enhance your show and avoid Podfade.

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