Reward Listener Loyalty While Earning Revenue w/Jason Sew Hoy

What if 5% of your listeners paid you each month for exclusive content? Would that make a difference to the quality of your podcast and make podcasting more financially rewarding for you?

Jason Sew Hoy is the CEO of Supercast, a podcast subscription-based platform. He explains how the subscription-based model can help you as a podcaster earn revenue while rewarding loyal listeners.

Some takeaways:

05:23 – Is Supercast just like Patreon?

09:25 – How to build a profitable business around content

17:13 – Supercast vs Apple Subscription

Connect with Jason on Twitter @Jsewhoy or

Bio: Jason Sew Hoy is the CEO of Supercast, a podcast subscription platform powering millions in revenue for independent podcasters and content networks.

The top ten Supercast creators gross over $12 million in annual subscription revenue. Prior to Supercast, Jason was COO at 99designs, a global creative platform with over 1.6 million designers, where he spent over a decade helping creatives earn money from their passion. Jason was born in New Zealand and stubbornly holds onto his Kiwi accent.

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