To empower solopreneurs and nonprofits to make a positive impact through podcasting.

Podcasting is a Budget Friendly Way to Reach New Clients

You want to start a podcast but you’re unsure where or how to start.

You may have watched some videos or even taken a class.  But the process seems too confusing or time-consuming.

I can close that 2mm gap between what you know and get your podcast up and running in as little as 30 days.

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I met Jennifer Francis nearly two years ago. We were connected through the Podcasters Paradise’s mentor pairing program. At the time I hadn’t produced one episode or launched our podcast. Jennifer was gracious enough to meet with me over the phone at least once a week to answer my numerous questions. She equipped me with motivation, stick-to-itiveness, knowledge, and a friendship that has grown to this day. She’s a brilliant thinker with several podcasts. SoloMons! Talk is a great podcast and she’s set to launch a new podcast very soon. I’m grateful for her mentorship and believe that anyone who works with

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