Nonprofit Consultation

I help nonprofits create a podcast that tells their story, helps them spread their message, attracts a new audience, and creates additional sources of funding.

1:1 Coaching

Podcasting is a powerful way to spread your message and grow your business. I can help you through the process of building a framework to get your podcast on the air.

One-on-One Mentoring

Need a guide to help you launch your podcast? Let me bridge that 2mm gap between what you already know and getting your podcast on the air.

Group Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your podcasting goals so you can get your show published.

Monthly MeetUp

Sometimes you just want to connect with other podcasters. Join our monthly meet up where you can see what others are doing in podcasting.

Speaking/Guest Appearance

I will share my knowledge and experience with your audience. I'm available for speaking to small groups or to be a guest on your podcast.

Are There More Plans?

Although these are my standard plans, I know everyone might not be at the same place in their podcasting journey. Some people need more help than others.  That said we will determine the best course of action for you during the initial consultation phase.

Plan Duration

Each plan will follow your podcasting journey.  Although the price listed is per month, I recommend a minimum 3 months form beginning to end.  Where the end means you have a podcast on the air with at least 3-5 episodes depending on your organization.

Benefits of My Coaching

The benefits of my coaching and mentoring is that you will always have someone who has struggled through the process of starting not one but two podcasts.  I know from experience what it takes to work through the problems associated with launching a show.  You will have a trusted and experienced professional who can help you bridge the 2mm gap so you can get your show on the air.

Cancellation Process

If you are not satisfied with your progress or you find it difficult to continue you may cancel and get 75% of your coaching fee refunded if you cancel by the 3rd session.  There is no refund after the 3rd session.  Still I’ll do everything in my control to ensure you are satisfied with the service you receive.

Do You Want to Improve Your Business or Nonporfit?

I can help you close the gap between what you know and reaching your goals. My methodology is to empower you so that you can create a podcast that will help you attract new clients, build an audience and discover new sources of revenue.


  • Weekly Online Coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly meetups
  • Great if you already have the knowledge but just need ongoing support
  • Office Hours for additional support


  • Online Coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great for soloprenuers looking to get more clients.
  • Phone/Text Access


  • Online or in Person*
  • Access to resources
  • Monthly workshops
  • Great for nonprofit or community organizations looking to expand their reach and gain additional sources of funding
  • Voice/Text Access