Sharing the Message of the Marginalized w/Paula Blair

Paula Blair talks about her experience as a podcast host on Audiovisual Cultures. Her focus is on exposing the work of marginalized individuals in film.

We discussed her experiences and challenges after 4 years of podcasting. She also gave some tips that can help us level up our shows.


  • When using Zoom for recording set background suppression to the lowest level to improve audio.
  • Wear headphones when recording – good advice for guests and hosts.

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Bio: Paula Blair has been making Audiovisual Cultures, a podcast exploring film, the arts and media, since 2018. She has a PhD in Film and Visual Studies from Queen’s University Belfast and has taught Film Studies in several UK universities.

As an indie podcaster, Paula has learned a huge amount about podcasting from scratch and making the most of free and open source software to produce great-sounding audio on a tight budget. She has also been developing her research and interview skills through making AVC and will be delighted to share her expertise with your listeners.

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