Strategies to Reduce Sound Distortions w/K Bharat

K Bharath (KB) stumbled into podcasting when he got a chance to become a sound engineer. He’s combined his business skills and techncal skills to help businesses build a podcasting strategy.

He hosts the Magic Mic podcast where he speaks to podcasters globally about the trends in the podcast industry and also a co-host for the Vada Poche Tamil Podcast.

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Bio: K Bharath is Chief Engineer at B2B Podcast Agency Pikkal & Co. He has produced over 1,000 podcast episodes across different time zones and countries including interviews with Tony Fernandes, CEO at AirAsia, and Rod Drury, CEO at Xero. He has recorded podcasts and live shows for a host of premium corporate brands including DBS, Deloitte, UTI, NLB, NTUC, Standard Chartered, AirAsia, Xero, Facebook, National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management and the Singapore Government.

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