What Businesses Need to Know About Podcast Storytelling w/Seth Silvers

In this episode, Seth Silvers, CEO and Founder of Story On Media shares his expertise on how businesses can use podcasts to better connect with their clients.

Seth says businesses need to create content that answers their clients’ questions.

He also explains how businesses can authentically use storytelling not only to retain existing clients but also to attract new ones.

Seth’s three elements of a business’ podcast:

  • Content needs to be consistent. But consistency alone is no longer enough.
  • If your goal is to use your podcast to drive business, you need to have a really good offer. So have an offer that takes your clients offline.
  • Figure out ways to get your show in front of new eyeballs. “So every month, at least some new eyeballs are seeing your show“.

Connect with Seth on his podcast: The Small Business Storytellers

On his website: www.successwithstories.com or @sethsilvers on social.

Bio: Seth Silvers is the Founder and CEO of Story On Media and Marketing, a podcasting agency helping businesses expand their business online through podcasting.

Seth’s passion is to help small businesses market more authentically and has been able to do this through [sic]helping others launch podcasts that help them become more known in their niche.

Seth is another awesome guest from PodMatch.com

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